Weekend Wrinkle: Hello, Mona!

Welcome to the launch of Weekend Wrinkle. Each Friday, Weekend Wrinkle will offer tidbits of advice, look at ideas about the writing process, or give writers a little something to ponder over the weekend.

I talk to my dog.

“So what? I do, too,” you’re thinking.

When I say ???????????????????????????????“I talk to my dog,” I mean I “talk” to her when I write.

We all need to direct our writing to someone (or something). Some people pick a loved one; some people pick a pet; some people pick a stuffed animal; some people pick — well — whatever.

Directing our writing to someone or something helps on several levels. It helps us maintain a conversational tone. It helps us focus our ideas. It helps us avoid overly convoluted, flowery language.

For me, writing to Mona helps in one huge area. When I write to her, I chase away the phantoms of insecurity. She doesn’t care if my first draft stinks. She doesn’t judge me if my sentence structure is clunky. Passive voice doesn’t phase her.

She’s not a great help when it comes to cleaning my writing up, but her unconditional acceptance gives me the courage to overcome my excuses and write on!

Who do you “talk” to?


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