Weekend Wrinkle:Be Creative, Be Successful

Many people have an incredible ability to talk themselves out of things. Writers can be particularly talented at this.

We convince ourselves that our writing isn’t good enough. We think of all the practical things that can sideline us before they ever come into being. Sometimes our creativity is counterproductive.

Mostly we fear to be wrong. Writing gives us power, and it is an awesome responsibility. What if we write something and it goes awry? What if we fail?

Writers are not superheroes that, when they fall, can easily become super villains. We really have to get over ourselves.

Creativity is a gift. Yes, sometimes we’ll stumble and fall, but the world doesn’t crash down around us.

More often than not, we succeed and, oh, what success there is! We should rejoice in our accomplishments and put our failures in their proper place.

Banish fear and create!


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