Weekend Wrinkle: When I Was at Writer’s Camp…

Camp WritealotRemember when we were kids and our parents sent us off to summer camp – overnight, day or playground based? Not only was it a way to occupy our time, we usually ended up learning something new. Why can’t we do that as writers? Why shouldn’t we recharge and have some fun while learning new techniques and generating new ideas? Of course, most of us aren’t on vacation for a whole summer (that day job is pretty important), but why can’t we spend the vacation time we do have honing our writing skills? Luckily, there are loads of opportunities out there. Want to go to Greece?  How about Spain? Maybe you prefer the forests of New Hampshire or pastoral upstate New York.  What about Minnesota in the summertime? Maybe you’d like an island setting. Online workshops might be your best option. Do you write young adult, science, fantasy, or romance fiction? Are you a poet? Do you write literary non-fiction? Maybe you’re a technical writer or business writer. The good news is that there are gobs of writing workshops out there with all kinds of settings and offerings. Up for an adventure? Here are some sites to get you started:

Take a little time to investigate for yourself. Maybe you’ll find that perfect summer experience you can look back on for the rest of your writing life.


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