Weekend Wrinkle: A Few of My Favorite Posts

This is my 100th Writing-Insight-Success post, and I thought I’d celebrate by counting down my favorite top 10 posts.

Here they are, building up to the post I like the best:

10) Editors Against Passive Voice

9) Tales of a Deadline Junkie

8) Neglected Adverbs Seek Safe Haven 

7) From Grammar Geek to Grammar Freak

6) Failure, My BFF

5) Hard Copy and History

4) The Power of Emotion: Tapping into the Dream

3) Dissecting the Editor

2) The Case of the Oxford Comma

1) Books – An Impossible Addiction to Kick


2 thoughts on “Weekend Wrinkle: A Few of My Favorite Posts

  1. I remember an old writing rule: “meticulously shun adverbs”.

    On the Oxford comma (that genteel, upper-class gent in a morning coat): I believe the key is “avoid confusion” – something brought to the public square by the book “Eats, Shoots and Leaves”.


    • Sometimes adverbs are necessary. On the other hand, one shouldn’t use an adjective in the place of an adverb. That is incorrect as opposed to poorly written. 🙂

      Also, I can’t argue with your Oxford comma comment although I tend to include it for the sake of consistency. (Nice use of “morning coat”!)


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