About Me — Annette Clark

I likeheadshot words. No, it’s more  like I love words. I love to read; I love to write; I love to see how words combine to communicate.

For the most part, it’s a good perspective. Sometimes it can lead to irritation (mine and others’). I see the English language as such a rich, fascinating method for expressing ideas. I guess I’m more of a fanatic about it than most people. (I have a collection of about 15 dictionaries and am eying a complete Oxford English Dictionary — digital, for space reasons — as a future purchase.)

I have worked as a newspaper editor, administrative assistant, and instructor. Now I’m adding another facet to my life launching a freelance editing, writing, and content design  business — AIC Communication Services.

Throughout my professional life, I have found myself helping others to learn and apply information to make them more productive. A lifelong learner myself, I am eager to spark the same desire in others.

So, for the past several years I have been exploring how writing affects learning and, consequently, performance. How does the written word lead to success? And how does electronic communication technology affect all this?

When I’m not occupied working or considering the ramifications of words, I live relatively quietly. I putter in the garden (I can’t really use “garden” as a verb since success is always iffy), play with my dog, and fruitlessly try to control my cat. I like to watch drag racing and hockey (Go, Rangers!).

My ambition, which I ‘m currently working on, is to write the not-too-terribly-great American novel. (Hey, I’m a realist, not Shakespeare!)




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