The Promises Writers Make

Spring brings possibilities and energy.germ_seedling_scion_225903

There’s an excitement about finally being able to open windows and let the fresh air in, about watching the leaves and buds from bulbs push up with the promise of future beauty.

A promise – that’s what we give our readers every time we write something. We promise them time with interesting characters in an enjoyable story. We promise to give them information they need. We promise that they could make their lives better with our product.

Just as we’re energized by spring’s promise of what is to come, our readers are energized by the promise we make. They want to read on. They want the result of what we offer.

As writers, we often get so caught up in writing what we want, that we forget the promise we have made to our readers. When we forget it, we lose the energy of our readers. Worse, we could lose their faith in our writing.

Here are some things to remember to keep those promises:

  • Recognize the promise made. If it is helpful information, make sure to provide it.
  • When we keep the readers’ needs in the forefront while we write, it is easier to fulfill that promise.
  • Taking time to organize writing instead of just winging it helps keep us on the right track to help readers.

When we follow through on our promise, we not only satisfy our readers, we energize ourselves as writers.

It’s like getting out into the garden for the first time in the spring. There’s a lot of hard work, but once we’re done, we feel good about what the future holds.