Curiouser and Curiouser

cat and pi day

Happy National Pi Day!

(What is the area of a 9-inch pie? Let’s see: πr2 = 3.14 X 4.52 = 3.14 X 20.25 = 63.585 square inches.)

A very good friend of mine recently told me that I had the largest repository of useless information of anyone she knows. I take that as a compliment.

I think it is because I am a writer and incurably curious. I am always reading something or watching educational shows on the History Channel or PBS. I like to know about things.

I like to share what I know through my writing. (Does that make me a know-it-all? I’d like to think not since my motivation is more “Isn’t this neat?” and not “Aren’t I smart?”)

When I watch Jeopardy!, it seems there are many writers who make the cut and are successful players. Writers do a lot of research on a lot of things. Along the way we tend to retain tidbits of information other people don’t know (or even care about).

I find investigating things I don’t know about pleases me. I hope there never comes a day when I don’t care about learning new things. I think that would be the worst thing that could happen.

In the meantime, power to pi and learn on!