Magic in Our Words

book-magic-quotePeople love magic, or at least the idea of magic. The overwhelming success of Harry Potter proves that.

There is something attractive in the ability to intone a few words and swish a stick to make things happen the way we want.

Want to right a wrong? Want to help someone out? Want to travel to a far off land?

There’s a spell for that.

My pal, Webster’s Dictionary, defines magic one way as “any mysterious, seemingly inexplicable, or extraordinary power or influence.”

Books are where that “extraordinary power or influence” thrives.

We don’t all think alike, which I believe is the greatest gift of life. Yet, it can be difficult. It’s not always easy to see the world a little differently from the people who surround us. As a child, I found companionship in books. I’ve never stopped visiting them.

The real magicians are the people who can create worlds out of words. They can help people escape to exotic places or alternate futures. They can present solutions to problems. They can create a fortification of ideas that no oppression can tear down.

Thank goodness there’s a book for that.