Software, Software Everywhere…

Software choices

I need some help. (Okay! Enough with the snide comments!)

I have almost exclusively used trusty Microsoft Word for my writing. Now, I’m working on a project that will require some length and collaboration. I’m using Word and OneNote in combination. It seems to be working out fine. I can even organize via the outline function in Word.

However, being the “lazy” sort of writer I am, I’m open to using software that could make my life easier (one that’s not too expensive).

Some I have heard about are Scrivener, WriteItNow, WriteWay Pro, Evernote, and yWriter.

Keep in mind that that any software should be easy to learn and compatible with Microsoft products.

So, all you sage, experienced writers, I seek higher knowledge on the best software fit. Drop some pearls of writing wisdom on me!