Read to Recharge

takin' time out
I’m feeling a bit crazed today. Even as I cross two tasks off of my “To Do” list, four more pop up on it.

Don’t get me wrong; I love being busy. It’s just that there’s a big hole in my life when it comes to reading. I’m not doing it.

Okay, yes, I do read: news articles, research for projects, student papers, etc.

It’s the pleasure reading I’m sorely missing. I haven’t sat down to read a book for pleasure in what seems like eternity. (Okay, it’s only been a month or so.) As a book addict, it’s starting to affect the way I look at the world.

The fact is, we’re busy folks. We have obligations we need to meet – now! The problem comes when we discover that is all we’re doing. It’s all work and no play for Annette’s brain, which doesn’t bode well for Annette’s sanity.

Just like our bodies, we need to make time for recreation for our intellectual pursuits. We need to let our minds just kick back for a while.

Hmmm, I think I can pencil in some time next week. Nope! It’ll have to be the week after – I think…