One Way to Survive Word Overload

I am in word overload.

I am oppressed by of end-of-semester insanity coupled with the pressures of the holidays. I struggle to dig out of an endless mountain of poor writing sprinkled (thank every deity in existence!) with sparkling gems of excellence. (Just call me Wordy, the eighth dwarf.)

I, who love woword overloadrds with a love that can never die, am suffering the sanity-threatening effects of writing overdose. The caffeine IV barely keeps me going. I’ve been hallucinating about dancing wine glasses and sweetly sweating rum and cokes.  And I don’t drink (much).

“Come away from the keyboard! Come away! Leave those whining words and cuddle in our warm, mind-soothing embrace!”

Their seducing siren calls swirl inside my brain as I diligently mend a sentence fragment.

“No. No!” I cry with halfhearted determination. As if it isn’t hard enough resisting distractions on a normal day! I will finish what I need to do. I will cross off all of today’s tasks on my list. I will push through with all I’ve got until I am finished. I will!

Oh, yes. I will sip my glass of wine, but not until everything is done – soon, very soon!